Presentation Guidelines

Please take a moment to read the following information completely, even if you are an experienced presenter.

Prior to Your Presentation

Each speaker can submit their presentations via our web portal prior to the meeting. The portal is found here:

In addition, speakers can bring their presentations to the speaker ready room on site.

Speaker Ready Room

Check-in is required for all presenters. If possible please check-in at the speaker ready room 4 hours before your scheduled presentation.

PRG requests that all presenters use PowerPoint for their presentations. All meeting rooms will be provided with presentation computers and will be networked to a central server located in the Speaker Ready Room.

In the speaker ready room, presenters will have the opportunity to review their presentations or make any last minute changes.

During this time, please identify that all fonts appear as expected, and that all sound and video clips are working properly as well.

When the presentation is to be given, the file will be accessed via the conference menu on the computer in the meeting room. Once the presentation is launched, presenters will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse or a wireless advancer.

Guidelines for Preparing PowerPoint Presentations


  • Stop by the speaker ready room prior to your presentation.
  • Take the time to review, rehearse, and finalize your presentation.
  • Avoid linking to media content that is stored online – e.g. online videos or media
    • The Internet in the meeting spaces is often severely limited. Attempts to stream from the internet may not be successful.
  • Include any external files that are embedded in the presentation in the same folder as your presentation – e.g. movie files.
  • It is highly recommended that you make a backup copy of your files and transport your media in a separate piece of luggage.

Note: If you have videos in your presentation, it is important that you verify the file in the Speaker Ready Room before the time of your presentation. PowerPoint 2010 or higher allows for embedding of video files into the PowerPoint presentation, whereas older versions will need the video files uploaded separately. For all versions of PowerPoint, it is suggested that you bring the separate video files with you – in case of any issues.

Google Slides Users

  • Internet availability in the meeting space is severely limited and often very slow.
  • Using cloud based presentation programs may yield mixed results, or not work at all. A PowerPoint file is preferred.


  • USB ports on the computers have security to prevent files from being copied back to devices.
  • Cameras and video equipment are NOT permitted in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • All files on the computers are deleted at the end of the conference.


  • Highly recommended fonts to use: Times New Roman, Arial, and Tahoma.
  • We only supply fonts that are included in the base installation of Windows.
  • Usage of fonts not included in Windows can lead to words that bleed into graphics or bullet points that may be of the wrong style.
  • Any fonts other than those not included in Windows will need to be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint for Mac

If you have created your presentation on a mac, please consider the following:

  • Quicktime is not native to Windows. Please be sure your videos are converted to an MP4 using an h.264 codec.
  • Use common image formats such as JPG, GIF and PNG.
  • Use a common font that both Windows and OS X use. Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier are a few examples.
  • Some animations available in PowerPoint for Mac are not available on a PC. Please be prepared to adjust animations or be sure to use one that is available on both versions.


The best way to ensure your presentation is a success is to come by the speaker ready room before your presentation time. Our technicians there are ready to assist you.

These guidelines have been established by PRG in order to help you have a worry-free presentation.